How to Lead Initial Sales Conversations

Learn how to lead an initial sales conversation without being salesy, manipulative or gross.

Send Better Cold Emails

Learn how to send better cold emails with our 4T cold email template. Feel free to burn your existing cold emails after you watch 😉

Flowers v. Fireballs

Why aren’t your cold emails and cold calls catching on? Too many flowers, not enough fireballs (of course!). Check out this clip of a live training to find out what it means.

Providing a Way Out

It’s better to get an answer, whether it’s yes or no. Giving your prospects an out gives you a better chance to get an answer, and may even open up the conversation. This is an excerpt from a client training session.

Mindset: Radical Honesty

Let’s be honest about something everything from now on: radical honesty is required. You want to build trust, right? Then be honest with your prospects.

Real Cold Call

This clip breaks down a real cold call with annotations showing the strategy behind each section in the cold call.

Diffusing an Objection

This clip breaks down how to diffuse an objection.