Supercharge Your Cold Outreach

We help B2B SaaS sales teams stand out in the sea of same, separate themselves from the competition and book more meetings.

Hi there. I’m Josh.

A decade or so ago, I headed up sales for a SaaS company in Chicago. With no referrals. No network. No funding. And no sales experience.

Needless to say, I had a very steep learning curve in getting my first clients.

I tried just about every outbound strategy under the sun.

Only to realize that most of the information out there was actually terrible or didn’t feel good on my soul.

After A LOT of experimenting I eventually found the things that worked. (Most of which were counter to the advice experts were giving.)

I washed, rinsed and repeated until my system became reliable.

The recipe: use your prospect’s words to express what they want, a conversational tone, imagery, humor and paprika. 

To cut a long, grueling story short, that’s what I do now. I teach B2B SaaS sales teams how to increase their cold outreach response rates without hype, BS or other icky gimmicks.

What Results Can You Expect?

Assuming there’s a fit, we guarantee that you at least double your investment over a three month period.

Results for our clients (and for ourselves):

If we’re a fit, we’ll help you generate at least five new meetings per sales rep per month with your ideal clients or your money back.  

What would that mean for your business?

Less worrying? A promotion? Less ramen noodles?

Whatever it is, more meetings tends to solve most problems.

We don’t kiss and tell but our clients do

SalesDNA singlehandedly transformed the way we do sales. I sat down with Josh for an hour, and afterwards I completely changed the way we demo our product. I saw results immediately. That one hour meeting has directly resulted in sales we previously would not have closed.

Clair LewCEO, Know Your Company

Just got off the phone with a prospect who I met at a tradeshow-type event 2 weeks ago. At the event, I used your prospecting approach. We had a great discovery call — coupled with a demo that was personalized to her needs and we won the business. I want to thank you for helping me “arrive” as a salesperson.

Jake BersteinManager of Business Development, Bonfyre

Thank you for helping me not only to be good at my job as an SDR, but also to have found a career path I think I can enjoy for many years. Thank you for giving me confidence as a salesman, a leader, and a person.

Sam HurteauAccount Executive, Jellyvision

We f.... love you! You guys really have made a big difference already in the company and everyone in the company loves you.

Irina SealsIrina Seals, SVP Global Sales at Remerge

We’ve got about 40 new meetings out of the training you provided.

Chris MurrayCEO, Oomph Inc.

Josh is focused on tangible strategies and outcomes that you can see and measure.

Elena ValentineCEO, Skill Scout

Let’s Get Togeher

If you’re even the slightest bit curious about increasing cold outreach response rates, setting more meetings or the recipe for the best green smoothie recipe ever, let’s chat.  I’m happy to provide you a few ideas of varying quality you can steal.

I say ‘ideas’… It is of course, a thinly veiled sales pitch. However, I often get enthusiastic and give away great stuff. You should take advantage of this!  Just select a time that works best.